FK Cars aims at providing consultancy and advisory services in the sale and acquisition of sports and classic cars. We work with every famous brands and models – from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin to our very favourite, which is Porsche. Thanks to the personalized support offered by our specialists, FK Cars helps you make the best choice of new or used vehicle that will meet your needs.  Whatever the type of vehicle you are looking for, we guarantee a tailor-made service!

In addition to the business of car sales and acquisitions we also organise private track days where we meet with fellow passionate colleagues and clients on some of the most beautiful racetracks in Europe. The idea is the create a pleasant atmosphere where one can enjoy his or her car on an exclusive uncrowded racetrack.

Giovanni Kollbrunner

Automotive Director

M +41 7955 24270

Giovanni is an aficionado of both automobiles and Airplanes.  His professional career began in 2012 in the business aviation industry starting in flight operations, charter sales and as a representative in aircraft sales. In early 2019 however, he decided to follow his heart and partnered with FK Group to start on a new adventure focusing on vintage and sports cars.